Dev Branch

What is the Dev branch?

The dev branch is the next version of Garry's Mod. It contains all the changes that will be included in the game's next update.

Why is this needed?

This is needed for two reasons:

Can I play on normal servers with this version of the game?

Unfortunately, most of the time, no.

This does not mean you shouldn't use the dev branch. It is invaluable for us to have people test the game before the next update is out to make sure nothing breaks, or at least not that much.

How do I switch back or to this branch?

To switch back to 'Live' branch, or to switch to Experimental branches:

Next update changelog

This list list is raw and not final. Some of this may not be included into the final change notes.
This is a list of all changes made to the game since the last update to the 'Live' or main version of the game.

Game Changes

TTT Changes

Technical Changes

Lua API Changes