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|desc=The sound channel , see {{Enum|CHAN}}
|desc=The sound channel , see {{Enum|CHAN}}
<br>'''NOTE:''' For weapons this is instead set to CHAN_WEAPON.
{{Note|For weapons, the default is CHAN_WEAPON.}}

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 Entity:EmitSound( )



Plays a sound on an entity. If run clientside, the sound will only be heard locally.

If used on a player or NPC character with the mouth rigged, the character will "lip-sync". ( Does not work with all sounds )

You can only override the volume and pitch if you use the filename, not the sound script/manifest name.

It is recommended to use sound scripts ( see sound.Add ) over direct file paths. There are many inconsistencies, especially when the sound is played on a Weapon


string soundName

The name of the sound to be played.


number soundLevel=75

A modifier for the distance this sound will reach, acceptable range is 0 to 511. 100 means no adjustment to the level. See SNDLVL_ Enums


number pitchPercent=100

The pitch applied to the sound. The acceptable range is from 0 to 255. 100 means the pitch is not changed.


number volume=1

The volume, from 0 to 1.


number channel=CHAN_AUTO

The sound channel , see CHAN_ Enums


For weapons, the default is CHAN_WEAPON.



Plays sound from the first player on the server.

Entity(1):EmitSound( "path/to/sound/wav", 75, 100, 1, CHAN_AUTO ) -- Same as below
Entity(1):EmitSound( "path/to/sound/wav" ) -- You can remove the arguments that have default values.

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