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|Description=Enumerations used by {{LibraryFunction|concommand|Add}}, {{GlobalFunction|CreateClientConVar}} amd {{GlobalFunction|CreateConVar}}.
|Description=Enumerations used by {{LibraryFunction|concommand|Add}}, {{GlobalFunction|CreateClientConVar}} and {{GlobalFunction|CreateConVar}}.
{{EnumField|FCVAR_ARCHIVE|128|Save the {{Type|ConVar}} value into config.cfg}}
{{EnumField|FCVAR_ARCHIVE|128|Save the {{Type|ConVar}} value into config.cfg}}

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Enumerations used by concommand.Add, CreateClientConVar and CreateConVar.

Warning! Decimal values are for reference only! The actual value may be different between two Garry's Mod versions.
Name Decimal Description
FCVAR_ARCHIVE 128 Save the ConVar value into config.cfg
FCVAR_ARCHIVE_XBOX 16777216 Save the ConVar value into config.cfg on XBox
FCVAR_CHEAT 16384 Requires sv_cheats to be enabled to change/run the command
FCVAR_CLIENTCMD_CAN_EXECUTE 1073741824 IVEngineClient::ClientCmd is allowed to execute this command
FCVAR_CLIENTDLL 8 ConVar is defined by the client DLL.
This flag is set automatically
FCVAR_DEMO 65536 Force the ConVar to be recorded by demo recordings.
FCVAR_DONTRECORD 131072 Opposite of FCVAR_DEMO, ensures the ConVar is not recorded in demos
FCVAR_GAMEDLL 4 ConVar is defined by the game DLL.
This flag is set automatically
FCVAR_LUA_CLIENT 262144 Set automatically on all ConVars and console commands created by the client Lua state.
FCVAR_LUA_SERVER 524288 Set automatically on all ConVars and console commands created by the server Lua state.
FCVAR_NEVER_AS_STRING 4096 Tells the engine to never print this variable as a string since it contains control sequences
FCVAR_NONE 0 No flags
FCVAR_NOTIFY 256 For serverside ConVars, notifies all players with blue chat text when the value gets changed
FCVAR_NOT_CONNECTED 4194304 Makes the ConVar not changeable while connected to a server or in singleplayer
FCVAR_PRINTABLEONLY 1024 Forces the ConVar to only have printable characters ( No control characters )
FCVAR_PROTECTED 32 Makes the ConVar value hidden from all clients ( For example sv_password )
FCVAR_REPLICATED 8192 For serverside ConVars, it will send its value to all clients
FCVAR_SERVER_CANNOT_QUERY 536870912 Prevents the server from querying value of this ConVar
FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE 268435456 Makes the command or ConVar only executeable/changeable from the server console
FCVAR_SPONLY 64 Executing the command or changing the ConVar is only allowed in singleplayer
FCVAR_UNLOGGED 2048 Don't log the ConVar changes to console/log files/users
FCVAR_UNREGISTERED 1 If this is set, don't add to linked list, etc
FCVAR_USERINFO 512 For clientside commands, sends the value to the server
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