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With the December 2015 update Garry's Mod game servers may now use the Steam Game Server Accounts feature.

Why do I need a Steam Game Server Account? What does it do?

Essentially Steam Game Server Account helps your players find your server should the IP address of your server be changed.

How to get a Steam Game Server Account?

The process of setting this up for your server is pretty straight forward.

First log into your Steam account and follow this link:

Make sure your Steam account matches all the requirements, then enter the required information into the text boxes on the page.

  • The first field should always be set to 4000 for Garry's Mod.
  • The second field can be anything that will help you identify the specific server in a list of other Steam Game Server Accounts.

Then press Create.

After pressing Create, the page will reload and a new entry will be shown on the page, containing the memo, the login token and the app id for which the login token is generated for.

From this page you also can:

  • Delete any Login Tokens you own
  • Generate a new Login Token for given server ( You will need to change it on your server too )
  • Set another memo for any Login Token you own


Once you got your Login Token, copy it and add the following to your command line parameters: +sv_setsteamaccount YOURLOGINTOKENHERE and restart your server.

Your server will now have a static SteamID/Steam Account.


  • Specifying an invalid / expired key will prevent the server from connecting to Steam servers. This can be intentionally used if you do not want to discard the public IP address of a development server.
    +sv_setsteamaccount "IAmAnInvalidKey"
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