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| Description = Passed as argument of the [[Events/Entity/PhysicsCollide|ENT:PhysicsCollide]] event.
| Description = Passed as argument of the {{HookFunction|ENTITY|PhysicsCollide}} event.
| Fields =
| Fields =
{{StructureField|Vector|HitPos|The collisions position}}
{{StructureField|Vector|HitPos|The collisions position}}

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Passed as argument of the ENTITY:PhysicsCollide event.

Type Name Description
Vector HitPos

The collisions position

Entity HitEntity

The other collision entities

Vector OurOldVelocity

The entities velocity before the collision

PhysObj HitObject

The physics that collided

number DeltaTime

Time since the last collision

Vector TheirOldVelocity

Speed of the other entity before the collision

number Speed

The absolute speed of the entity before the collision

Vector HitNormal

Normal of the surface that hit the other entity

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