CollisionData Structure

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Passed as argument of ENTITY:PhysicsCollide.

Type Name Description
Vector HitPos

The collision position

Entity HitEntity

The other collision entity

Vector OurOldVelocity

The entity's velocity before the collision

PhysObj HitObject

Other entity's physics object

number DeltaTime

Time since the last collision with this HitEntity

Vector TheirOldVelocity

Speed of the other entity before the collision

number Speed

The speed of the entity before the collision

Vector HitNormal

Normal of the surface that hit the other entity

PhysObj PhysObject

Entity's physics object


Sometimes, the value of 'Speed' can be different from getting the length calculated from 'OurOldVelocity', even though they should be the same, or close to same. It's recommended to do 'OurOldVelocity:Length()' instead.

ENT:PhysicsCollide( colData, collider )
    -- you may get two completely different values, and the second one should be more accurate.
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