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 Vehicle:SetVehicleParams( )


Sets the vehicle parameters for given vehicle.


Not all variables from the VehicleParams structure can be set.


Because this method uses miles per hour but Vehicle:GetVehicleParams returns Hammer units per second, this method incorrectly modifies the vehicle engine's "boostMaxSpeed", "maxRevSpeed" and "maxSpeed" even when not explicitly set in a call to this method.

Workaround: In order to retain the original values for these fields, call Vehicle:GetVehicleParams yourself, convert the mentioned fields from Hammer units per second to miles per hour (1 MPH ≈ 17.6 HU/s in this case) and add them to the table passed into the call to this setter. Avoid doing this repeatedly to avoid floating point inaccuracies over time (store the ready-calculated value for next time if possible).

Issue Tracker: #2625


table params

The new new vehicle parameters. See VehicleParams structure
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