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Enumerations used by PhysObj:AddGameFlag, PhysObj:HasGameFlag and PhysObj:ClearGameFlag.

Warning! Decimal values are for reference only! The actual value may be different between two Garry's Mod versions.
Name Decimal Description
FVPHYSICS_CONSTRAINT_STATIC 2 Won't receive physics forces from collisions and won't collide with other PhysObj with the same flag set.
FVPHYSICS_DMG_DISSOLVE 512 Colliding with entities will cause 1000 damage with DMG_DISSOLVE as the damage type, but only if EFL_NO_DISSOLVE is not set.
FVPHYSICS_DMG_SLICE 1 Does slice damage, not just blunt damage.
FVPHYSICS_HEAVY_OBJECT 32 Will deal high physics damage even with a small mass.
FVPHYSICS_MULTIOBJECT_ENTITY 16 This PhysObj is part of an entity with multiple PhysObj , such as a ragdoll or a vehicle , and will be considered during collision damage events.
FVPHYSICS_NO_IMPACT_DMG 1024 Colliding with entities won't cause physics damage.
FVPHYSICS_NO_NPC_IMPACT_DMG 2048 Like FVPHYSICS_NO_NPC_IMPACT_DMG, but only checks for NPCs. Usually set on Combine Balls fired by Combine Soldiers.
FVPHYSICS_NO_PLAYER_PICKUP 128 Doesn't allow the player to pick this PhysObj with the Gravity Gun or +use pickup.
FVPHYSICS_NO_SELF_COLLISIONS 32768 We won't collide with other PhysObj associated to the same entity, only used for vehicles and ragdolls held by the Super Gravity Gun.
FVPHYSICS_PART_OF_RAGDOLL 8 This PhysObj is part of a ragdoll.
FVPHYSICS_PENETRATING 64 Set by the physics engine when two PhysObj are penetrating each other. This is only automatically updated for non-static physics objects.
FVPHYSICS_PLAYER_HELD 4 Set when the player is holding this PhysObj with the Gravity Gun or +use pickup.
FVPHYSICS_WAS_THROWN 256 This object was thrown by the Gravity Gun , stuns Antlion guards, Hunters, and squashes Antlion grubs.
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