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Enumerations used in TraceResult structure and by Entity:GetMaterialType.

Warning! Decimal values are for reference only! The actual value may be different between two Garry's Mod versions.
Name Decimal Description
MAT_ANTLION 65 Antlions
MAT_BLOODYFLESH 66 Similar to MAT_FLESH, only used by "bloodyflesh" surface property, has different impact sound
MAT_CONCRETE 67 Concrete
MAT_DIRT 68 Dirt
MAT_EGGSHELL 69 The egg sacs in the antlion tunnels in HL2: EP2
MAT_FLESH 70 Flesh
MAT_GRATE 71 Grates, chainlink fences
MAT_ALIENFLESH 72 Alien flesh - headcrabs and vortigaunts
MAT_CLIP 73 Unused
MAT_SNOW 74 Snow
MAT_PLASTIC 76 Plastic
MAT_METAL 77 Metal
MAT_SAND 78 Sand
MAT_FOLIAGE 79 Plants, only used by the "foliage" surface property
MAT_COMPUTER 80 Electronics, only used by "computer" surface property
MAT_SLOSH 83 Water, slime
MAT_TILE 84 Floor tiles
MAT_GRASS 85 Grass
MAT_VENT 86 Metallic vents
MAT_WOOD 87 Wood
MAT_DEFAULT 88 Skybox or nodraw texture
MAT_GLASS 89 Glass
MAT_WARPSHIELD 90 "wierd-looking jello effect for advisor shield."
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