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Enumerations used by CNavArea:GetAttributes and CNavArea:HasAttributes.

Warning! Decimal values are for reference only! The actual value may be different between two Garry's Mod versions.
Name Decimal Description
NAV_MESH_INVALID 0 The nav area is invalid.
NAV_MESH_CROUCH 1 Must crouch to use this node/area
NAV_MESH_JUMP 2 Must jump to traverse this area (only used during generation)
NAV_MESH_PRECISE 4 Do not adjust for obstacles, just move along area
NAV_MESH_NO_JUMP 8 Inhibit discontinuity jumping
NAV_MESH_STOP 16 Must stop when entering this area
NAV_MESH_RUN 32 Must run to traverse this area
NAV_MESH_WALK 64 Must walk to traverse this area
NAV_MESH_AVOID 128 Avoid this area unless alternatives are too dangerous
NAV_MESH_TRANSIENT 256 Area may become blocked, and should be periodically checked
NAV_MESH_DONT_HIDE 512 Area should not be considered for hiding spot generation
NAV_MESH_STAND 1024 Bots hiding in this area should stand
NAV_MESH_NO_HOSTAGES 2048 Hostages shouldn't use this area
NAV_MESH_STAIRS 4096 This area represents stairs, do not attempt to climb or jump them - just walk up
NAV_MESH_NO_MERGE 8192 Don't merge this area with adjacent areas
NAV_MESH_OBSTACLE_TOP 16384 This nav area is the climb point on the tip of an obstacle
NAV_MESH_CLIFF 32768 This nav area is adjacent to a drop of at least CliffHeight
NAV_MESH_FUNC_COST 536870912 Area has designer specified cost controlled by func_nav_cost entities
NAV_MESH_HAS_ELEVATOR 1073741824 Area is in an elevator's path
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