OBS_MODE Enumerations

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Enumerations used by Player:SetObserverMode, Player:GetObserverMode and Player:Spectate.

Warning! Decimal values are for reference only! The actual value may be different between two Garry's Mod versions.
Name Decimal Description
OBS_MODE_NONE 0 Not spectating
OBS_MODE_FREEZECAM 2 TF2-like freezecam
OBS_MODE_FIXED 3 Same as OBS_MODE_CHASE, but you can't rotate the view
OBS_MODE_IN_EYE 4 First person cam
OBS_MODE_CHASE 5 Chase cam, 3rd person cam, free rotation around the spectated target
OBS_MODE_ROAMING 6 Free roam/noclip-alike. Does not work from GM:PlayerDeath
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