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Surface flags, used by the TraceResult structure.

Warning! Decimal values are for reference only! The actual value may be different between two Garry's Mod versions.
Name Decimal Description
SURF_LIGHT 1 Value will hold the light strength
SURF_SKY2D 2 The surface is a 2D skybox
SURF_SKY 4 This surface is a skybox, equivalent to HitSky in TraceResult structure
SURF_WARP 8 This surface is animated water
SURF_TRANS 16 This surface is translucent
SURF_NOPORTAL 32 This surface cannot have portals placed on, used by Portal's gun
SURF_TRIGGER 64 This surface is a trigger
SURF_NODRAW 128 This surface is an invisible entity, equivalent to HitNoDraw in TraceResult structure
SURF_HINT 256 Make a primary bsp splitter
SURF_SKIP 512 This surface can be ignored by impact effects
SURF_NOLIGHT 1024 This surface has no lights calculated
SURF_BUMPLIGHT 2048 Calculate three lightmaps for the surface for bumpmapping
SURF_NOSHADOWS 4096 No shadows are cast on this surface
SURF_NODECALS 8192 No decals are applied to this surface
SURF_NOCHOP 16384 Don't subdivide patches on this surface
SURF_HITBOX 32768 This surface is part of an entity's hitbox
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