Mounting Content on a Dedicated Server

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You might want to include maps from Counter-Strike or Team Fortress on your server. Updating and copying the maps over can be a pain.


With mount.cfg you can specify folders to add to the filesystem. Garry's Mod will scan the file, mount the folders and any vpk files inside that folder.

mount.cfg is located in garrysmod/cfg/ - and should look something like this:

 	"cstrike"	"C:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source Dedicated Server\cstrike"
 	"tf"		"C:\mytf2server\tf"

Linux paths cannot contain capital letters

If you are on Linux and your games do not mount, make sure your directories do not contain capital letters like so:

 	"tf"		"/opt/team fortress 2 dedicated server/tf"
 	"episodic"   	"/home/gmod/steam/steamapps/common/half-life 2/episodic" //HL2 Episode 1


There is currently a bug with dedicated servers where the function IsMounted returns the wrong value. If you are experiencing:

  • The flechette gun has a broken viewmodel and isn't firing projectiles correctly.
  • Your clients are unable to spawn Hunters or NPCs from Half-Life: Source
  • Spawning the Jalopy doesn't do anything.

Then you may need to ensure mountdepots.txt exists in garrysmod/cfg/ with contents resembling:

 	"cstrike"	"1"
 	"hl1"		"1"
 	"hl1_hd"	"1"
 	"hl2"		"1"
 	"hl2mp"		"1"
 	"episodic"	"1"
 	"ep2"		"1"
 	"lostcoast"	"1"
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