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For use with Entity:PhysicsInit, Entity:SetSolid and Entity:GetSolid.

Warning! Decimal values are for reference only! The actual value may be different between two Garry's Mod versions.
Name Decimal Description
SOLID_NONE 0 Does not collide with anything

No Physics Object will be created when using this.

SOLID_BSP 1 The entity has a brush model defined by the map. Does not collide with other SOLID_BSP entities.
SOLID_BBOX 2 Uses the entity's axis-aligned bounding box for collisions
SOLID_OBB 3 Uses the entity's object-aligned bounding box for collisions
SOLID_OBB_YAW 4 Same as SOLID_OBB but restricts orientation to the Z-axis

Seems to be broken.

SOLID_CUSTOM 5 Always call into the entity for tests
SOLID_VPHYSICS 6 Uses the PhysObjects of the entity
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