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In Garry's Mod 13, all silkicons are included in the game. They can be found in materials/icon16/*.png

A full list of all silkicons which can be used in the game can be viewed here or with search feature here

Example of using silkicons

This line of code makes a DermaMenu option have a silkicon logo on its left side.

MENU:AddOption("Say hi", function() RunConsoleCommand("say", "hi") end ):SetImage( "icon16/user.png" )

Rendering silkicons

You no longer can use surface.GetTextureID and surface.SetTexture with silkicons, because they are now .png files. Now, to draw them, you must use Material and surface.SetMaterial. Since Material is slower than surface.GetTextureID, it is not recommended to call it in a drawing hook, which are ran every frame, as that will cause lag. Instead, save the material as a variable outside of the draw hook.

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