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I'm part of a respectable company called [ PENISCorp], you probably remember me for shitty stuff like the vortigaunt beam, Duke Nukem 3D pipebomb, Puntcannon, Can Nade or the [ Soccer Ball] entity from toybox or some other stuff like the weapon holsters.
Nowadays I make silly scripts on the PENISCorp server ( when it's alive in the first place ) and send patches to [[User:Kilburn|_Kilburn]] to implement things in GMod , and then break everything in the process.
I'm obsessed with [[Prediction]].
I also accidentally piss off [[User:Robotboy655|Robotboy]] from time to time when not using proper templates.
You can stalk me on these profiles.
[ Twitter]
[ Steam]
[ Facepunch]
[ GitHub]
[ Garrysmods]

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