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(library function)
(This example is gibberish)
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|desc=The function to be executed.
|desc=The function to be executed.
| Description = Demonstrates the use of this function.
| Code = numpad.Register("my_action", function(ply, arg1) print(ply, arg1) end
ents.FindByClass( "prop_physics" )[1].myAct = numpad.OnDown(player.GetByID(1), 38, "my_action", "arg1")
| Output = When player 1 presses his Numpad 1 key, something like this will be printed in console: "Player [1][Robot] arg1"

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 numpad.Register( )


Registers a numpad library action for use with numpad.OnDown and numpad.OnUp


string id

The unique id of your action.


function func

The function to be executed.
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