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 render.Model( )


Creates a new ClientsideModel, renders it at the specified pos/ang, and removes it. Can also be given an existing CSEnt to reuse instead.


This function is only meant to be used in a single render pass kind of scenario, if you need to render a model continuously, use a cached ClientsideModel and provide it as a second argument.


Using this with a map model (game.GetWorld():GetModel()) crashes the game.

Issue Tracker: #3307


table settings


  • string model - The model to draw
  • Vector pos - The position to draw the model at
  • Angle angle - The angles to draw the model at


CSEnt ent=nil

If provided, this entity will be reused instead of creating a new one with ClientsideModel. Note that the ent's model, position and angles will be changed, and Entity:SetNoDraw will be set to true.
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