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Enumerations used by EmitSound and sound.Add.

Warning! Decimal values are for reference only! The actual value may be different between two Garry's Mod versions.
Name Decimal Description
CHAN_REPLACE -1 Used when playing sounds through console commands.
CHAN_AUTO 0 Automatic channel
CHAN_WEAPON 1 Channel for weapon sounds
CHAN_VOICE 2 Channel for NPC voices
CHAN_ITEM 3 Channel for items ( Health kits, etc )
CHAN_BODY 4 Clothing, ragdoll impacts, footsteps, knocking/pounding/punching etc.
CHAN_STREAM 5 Stream channel from the static or dynamic area
CHAN_STATIC 6 A constant/background sound that doesn't require any reaction.
CHAN_VOICE2 7 TF2s Announcer dialogue channel
CHAN_VOICE_BASE 8 Channel for network voice data
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