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Enumerations used by Entity:AddEffects, Entity:RemoveEffects and Entity:IsEffectActive.

Warning! Decimal values are for reference only! The actual value may be different between two Garry's Mod versions.
Name Decimal Description
EF_BONEMERGE 1 Performs bone merge on client side
EF_BONEMERGE_FASTCULL 128 For use with EF_BONEMERGE. If this is set, then it places this ents origin at its parent and uses the parent's bbox + the max extents of the aiment. Otherwise, it sets up the parent's bones every frame to figure out where to place the aiment, which is inefficient because it'll setup the parent's bones even if the parent is not in the PVS.
EF_BRIGHTLIGHT 2 DLIGHT centered at entity origin
EF_DIMLIGHT 4 Player flashlight
EF_NOINTERP 8 Don't interpolate the next frame
EF_NOSHADOW 16 Disables shadow
EF_NODRAW 32 Prevents the entity from drawing and networking.
EF_NORECEIVESHADOW 64 Don't receive shadows
EF_ITEM_BLINK 256 Makes the entity blink
EF_PARENT_ANIMATES 512 Always assume that the parent entity is animating
EF_FOLLOWBONE 1024 Internal flag that is set by Entity:FollowBone
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