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Enumerations describing certain spawnflags. Everything except for SF_PHYS* is serverside only.

Spawnflags are set using Entity:SetKeyValue with "spawnflags" as the key.

  • SF_CITIZEN_* spawnflags represent spawnflags only usable on npc_citizen.
  • SF_NPC_* - Usable on all NPCs
  • SF_PHYSBOX_* - Usable on func_physbox
  • SF_PHYSPROP_* - Usable on prop_physics entities

This is not a full list of available spawnflags, there are a lot more, each unique to each entity, you can find out more on the Valve Developer Community website for the entities in question.

Warning! Decimal values are for reference only! The actual value may be different between two Garry's Mod versions.
Name Decimal Description
SF_CITIZEN_AMMORESUPPLIER 524288 Citizen that resupplies ammo
SF_CITIZEN_FOLLOW 65536 "Follow the player as soon as I spawn"
SF_CITIZEN_IGNORE_SEMAPHORE 2097152 "Work outside the speech semaphore system"
SF_CITIZEN_MEDIC 131072 Makes the citizen a medic
SF_CITIZEN_NOT_COMMANDABLE 1048576 Citizen cannot join players squad, and will not able to be commanded by the Half-Life 2 command system for Citizens
SF_CITIZEN_RANDOM_HEAD 262144 Gives the citizen a random head
SF_CITIZEN_RANDOM_HEAD_FEMALE 8388608 Gives the citizen a random female head
SF_CITIZEN_RANDOM_HEAD_MALE 4194304 Gives the citizen a random male head
SF_CITIZEN_USE_RENDER_BOUNDS 16777216 "Use render bounds instead of human hull for guys sitting in chairs, etc". Must be set before Spawn() is called to take effect
SF_FLOOR_TURRET_CITIZEN 512 Makes the floor turret friendly
SF_NPC_ALTCOLLISION 4096 Do Alternate collision for this NPC (player avoidance)
SF_NPC_ALWAYSTHINK 1024 Think outside PVS
SF_NPC_DROP_HEALTHKIT 8 NPC Drops health kit when it dies
SF_NPC_FALL_TO_GROUND 4 If not set, means *teleport* to ground
SF_NPC_GAG 2 No IDLE sounds until angry
SF_NPC_NO_PLAYER_PUSHAWAY 16384 Ignore player push - Don't give way to player
SF_NPC_NO_WEAPON_DROP 8192 NPC Doesn't drop weapon on death
SF_NPC_START_EFFICIENT 16 Don't acquire enemies or avoid obstacles
SF_NPC_TEMPLATE 2048 This entity is a template for the npc_template_maker. It will not spawn automatically and cannot be used with point_template.
SF_NPC_WAIT_FOR_SCRIPT 128 Wait for script
SF_NPC_WAIT_TILL_SEEN 1 Wait till seen
SF_PHYSBOX_MOTIONDISABLED 32768 If set, calls PhysObj:EnableMotion( false ) on the func_physbox when the physics are created
SF_PHYSBOX_NEVER_PICK_UP 2097152 Gravity gun is NOT allowed to pick this up.
SF_PHYSPROP_MOTIONDISABLED 8 If set, calls PhysObj:EnableMotion( false ) on the func_physbox when the physics are created. See Physics optimization
SF_PHYSPROP_PREVENT_PICKUP 512 Prevent that physbox from being picked up
SF_ROLLERMINE_FRIENDLY 65536 Makes the rollermine friendly
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