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Surface flags, currently unused, these would've been returned by the TraceResult structure.

Warning! Decimal values are for reference only! The actual value may be different between two Garry's Mod versions.
Name Decimal Description
SURF_LIGHT 1 Value will hold the light strength
SURF_SKY 4 This surface is a skybox, equivalent to HitSky in TraceResult structure
SURF_WARP 8 This surface is animated water
SURF_TRANS 16 This surface is translucent
SURF_NOPORTAL 32 This surface cannot have portals placed on, used by Portal's gun
SURF_TRIGGER 64 This surface is a trigger, seems unused
SURF_NODRAW 128 This surface is an invisible entity, equivalent to HitNoDraw in TraceResult structure
SURF_HINT 256 Make a primary bsp splitter
SURF_SKIP 512 This surface can be ignored by impact effects
SURF_NOLIGHT 1024 This surface has no lights calculated
SURF_BUMPLIGHT 2048 Calculate three lightmaps for the surface for bumpmapping
SURF_NOSHADOWS 4096 No shadows are cast on this surface
SURF_NODECALS 8192 No decals are applied to this surface
SURF_NOCHOP 16384 Don't subdivide patches on this surface
SURF_HITBOX 32768 This surface is part of an entity's hitbox
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