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Data Table Variables

These variables are the preferred method as they use the built in network variable system, so they get networked, saved and predicted properly. You should use this method by default.

To add a new variable simply add a SetupDataTables() function to it. For example.

function ENT:SetupDataTables()

	self:NetworkVar( "Float", 0, "Amount" )
	self:NetworkVar( "Vector", 0, "BloodPos" )
	self:NetworkVar( "Vector", 1, "UrinePos" )


You have now defined three variables on your entity. You can access these variables like this.

local bloodpos = self:GetBloodPos()

And set them like

self:SetBloodPos( Vector( 1, 0, 0 ) )
self:SetAmount( 100 )

You can of course set and get from outside of the entity


The syntax of NetworkVar is thus:

Type The type is a string, and can be "String", "Bool", "Float", "Int", "Vector", "Angle", "Entity"
Slot You can store up to 32 of each type in your entity except for the "String" type, which can only store up to 4 slots. This should be a number between 0 and 31 ( or 3 for strings ), identifying which slot you want to store this variable in.
Name Whatever name you choose will create two functions (Set[name] and Get[name]) - so be careful that your name doesn't conflict with other existing functions.

Note that the String type is up to 1024 chars. If you have common strings that are repeated you should add them to the string table and network the integer ID instead.

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