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The fact that it only works on SENTs is kind of implied. I mean, this function has no use if an entity doesn't have a NetworkVar. Do players even have NetworkVars?

Consider removing or rewriting that note. I don't want to go on an edit war. --NeatNit

That isn't quite true, NetworkVars are just dummy setters/getters that get added by InstallDataTable, internally NetworkVars use dtvars which are available to every entity, this callback can also be applied to any entity you want as long as you :InstallDataTable() on it and define the networkvars yourself.
I could argue that this function is useless as hell as it triggers only on manual sets on the variables, regardless of usefulness this can work on anything like :InstallDataTable and :NetworkVar defines --Jvs 10:17, 23 May 2016 (UTC)
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