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Menu state stuff to make pages for:

- ws_dupe/ws_save/addon/WorkshopFileBase stuff?

- ?
vid_fps	userdata: 0x2b14d2d0
vid_width	userdata: 0x2b15eac8

- These functions are only global because they're needed in JS :(
UpdateSubscribedAddons	function: 0x2a7ead90
UpdateGames	function: 0x2a7ead78

DoStopServers	function: 0x2a7eb000

GetServers	function: 0x2a7eafc0

GetPlayerList	function: 0x2a5d0078

UpdateSteamName	function: 0x2a825770

UpdateServerSettings	function: 0x2a5db8f0

Maybe document workshop panel vgui.CreateFromTable(vgui.RegisterFile("menu/mount/vgui/workshop.lua")) 
Can only be used in menu state unless that command is called so maybe not; but it is included in source
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